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Tax consulting

Tax consulting involves the determination of optimum, solution oriented models for the achievement of specific corporate objectives. As your partner, eureos provides competent advice in line with current circumstances and needs.

Are you an entrepreneur or do you manage a business? You would like to dedicate your time to your core business, create and offer new products and services? You would like to expand, exploit new markets? This is what motivates you every day anew? Wouldn’t it be great of you could fully focus on what brings you most joy?

As your tax consultant, eureos is your partners in all operative and strategic matters pertaining to fiscal, financial and accounting-related issues. We are your confidante, your dialog and sparring partner. Because this is what brings us joy.

eureos provides an interdisciplinary team of consultants tailored to your specific needs, who, in close collaboration with you, develop strategies and solution approaches. Short and direct paths ensure the quick and efficient achievement of your targets in all projects

Rely on us! After all, it’s about your company.

Corporate and group tax law is one of the core disciplines of eureos and the foundation of our extended consulting services in specialist fields. This encompasses comprehensive business consulting in all fiscal issues of every-day business life.  Our starting points for structural consulting are the analysis of the actual fiscal state, the fulfillment of general fiscal obligations and problem solutions.  We are the expert contact for issues pertaining to corporate law tax within the framework of corporate and group tax law. Some of the key aspects our services encompass are:

  • Tax compliance (tax declarations and the creation of annual financial statements)
  • Consulting services in fiscal core areas (income tax, corporation tax, commercial tax, sales tax)
  • Company audits
  • Structural consulting
  • Business consulting
  • Tax accounting law

We advise you personally. Our specialists for the field of “corporate and group tax law” are Arell BuchtaSören Münch and Christina Walter. We contribute with experience from businesses of various sizes and from various industries and develop solutions that cater to the individual needs of your business, your problem and your employees.

We would be pleased to advise you personally. Our specialists for the topic of “taxation of the public sector & NPOs” are Dr. Ralph Bartmuß and Dr. Almuth Werner.

Corporate commitment and personal interests at the entrepreneurial level are inextricably linked. We provide consulting services from a single source to ascertain legal and business relationships and to develop and implement all-encompassing target-oriented ideas.

Structuring and administering assets, protecting and developing assets, transferring assets, while bearing personal interests as well as economic, fiscal and legal framework conditions in mind. This is a highly complex and individual tasks requiring expertise, foresight, risk awareness, a sense of responsibility and sensitivity.

We have the experience and interdisciplinary expertise to assist you every step of the way – in  terms of company law, civil law, labor law, business law and fiscal law.

Our strengths lie in the structuring of assets and the optimization of future transactions, with regard to current and future generations, and always for the protection and maintenance as well as growth of wealth in your personal interest.

Our services for you:

  • Legal, fiscal as well as business structuring and the optimization of current and future investments, including the evaluation of corresponding values
  • Support in sales and buying processes
  • Legal and business consulting with regard to succession issues in consideration of personal needs and differing interests
  • Comprehensive fiscal consulting (income tax, inheritance tax and gift tax)
  • Legal consulting services to protect your assets


We would be pleased to advise you personally. Our “Private Clients” specialists are Jana Massow and Claus Ludwig Meyer-Wyk.

Transactions are a core element of all successful corporate strategies. Thanks to our experience, we in transaction consulting know all changes and risks that those involved are confronted with. A transparent transaction processes are therefore particularly important to us.

By focusing on the individual perspectives of our clients, we support buyers as well as sellers in business acquisitions as well as in the case of new and reorientation measures. This includes consulting for restructuring measures prior to the transaction as well as the settlement and performance of due diligence and the associated contractual negotiations. In addition, we examine and develop an optimum financing and acquisition structure and accompany the integration phase of a transaction perfectly tailored to your specific business objectives.

Companies and company groups also benefit from eureos expertise when it comes to issues pertaining to the reorganization of your structure, such as fusions, split-ups and demergers of shareholdings, changes in legal forms and other restructuring measures.

Some of the key aspects our services encompass are:

  • Structural consulting
  • New structuring/restructuring
  • Company succession consulting
  • Private equity/venture capital/investment consulting
  • Tax due diligence
  • Leveraging synergies through restructuring

Our specialists for “M&A and structural consulting” are Sören MünchClaus Ludwig Meyer-Wyk and Arell Buchta.

The global markets not only offers large corporations good business opportunities but also medium-sized businesses benefit from this. Besides legal and economic aspects, these opportunities also involve important and complex fiscal issues, such as the legal form, existing double taxation agreements and the fiscal framework conditions of the target market. This is where our tax consulting services come to the fore to assist you in suitably controlling risks and finding the optimum structure of the investment.

Some of the key aspects our services encompass are:

  • Optimum fiscal structuring of inbound/outbound investments
  • Consulting in connection with transfer pricing, double taxation agreements, operating facilities and foreign audits
  • Taxation and social security of expatriates/posting of employees
  • Taxation of dividend, interest and license income

Our specialists in the field of “international taxation” are Arell Buchta, Ines Kanitz and Isabel Schiener.

Indirect taxes are not borne by the tax debtor, but are transferred via the sales price to the customer. Faulty assessments of violations against formal obligations of proof frequently lead to the circumstance that these taxes ultimately have to be borne by the entrepreneur and thus represent a direct cost factor.

A well-known example of indirect taxation is sales tax. Amounting to some 190 billion euros annually, it is the largest source of taxation in the Federal Republic of Germany and a common focal point during company audits. In particular cross-border goods and service paths as well as strict systems of evidence, as well as the often highly complex legal frameworks of divergent national and EU regulations subject entrepreneurs to great challenges. Insufficiently booked, settled and declared sales, due to their relatively high tax rates (throughout the EU between 15 and 27 percent) pose enormous financial risks for businesses.

In addition to sales tax-related issues, energy, insurance and aviation-related tax issues are part of our consulting portfolio.

We would be pleased to support you with our experience and knowledge for practical solutions.

Some of the key aspects our services encompass are:

  • Consulting and the creation of expert reports on national as well as cross-border sales tax issues
  • Input tax distribution and optimization (e.g. banks, building societies, travel agents, etc.)
  • Analysis of company structures – presence of bodies subject to sales tax (VAT)
  • VAT Compliance (Value Added Tax)
  • Inhouse VAT training
  • Contractual design from a VAT perspective
  • Support in fiscal and financial proceedings
  • Implementation of automatic VAT returns and creation of plausibility tools
  • Issues within a relationship and creation of aviation fees declarations
  • Consulting and creation of expert reports on fiscal insurance matters

The contact for the field of  “indirect taxes” is Dr. Kerstin Desens.

Are you an lawyer or a tax advisor and are faced with an extraordinary matter/problem? You would prefer to ask a specialist but fear your “mandate”.

We can help you with this. Our specialists can assist you by providing consulting services as back office or your mandate directly. Of course, we assure full mandate protection. This way, you can make use of our full expertise and fully accompany your mandate. Do you want to prepare for individual cases in special problems? You fully accompany your mandate and we will help you where you need it!

Some of the key aspects our services encompass are:

  • Structural consulting
  • New structuring/restructuring/business acquisitions and sales
  • Support of external fiscal audits
  • Support in penal proceedings
  • Labor law
  • Company law
  • Reports/ second opinions on  select fiscal and legal issues
  • Transfer pricing

Our specialists for the consulting for consultants are Sören MünchArell Buchta and Katja Schlemmbach.

eureos pro sano gmbh steuerberatungsgesellschaft

eureos pro sano gmbh steuerberatungsgesellschaft is specialized in the industry-specific consulting of pharmacists, physicians, dentists and other associated health-care professions in all fiscal and business matters. Focused on  the needs of the specific occupational group, our services encompass:

  • Ongoing tax consulting
  • Financial and payroll accounting
  • Annual accounts
  • Tax declarations
  • Business consulting

Our consultants provide pronounced specialist competences and longstanding experience in the health-care market to our clients. This way, we offer our clients industry-specific support and high-quality consulting. The individual needs of our clients are always at the center of our actions. This expertise is further strengthened by closely collaborating with the service range of eureos gmbh steuerberatungsgesellschaft rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft as well as eureos gmbh wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.

Find out more about the service portfolio of eureos pro sano here.

Do you have a question or an issue you would like to discuss? Contact us. We would be pleased to assist you.

Stephan Ludwig, tax consultant,

Ina Endter, tax consultant

Claudia Hipp, tax consultant,

Anette Misch, tax consultant