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Less is more.

At eureos we concentrate on individual industries and legal fields. This is why our experts have excellent in-depth knowledge of the particularities of their business and are intimately familiar with the specifics and innovations of their industry. This ensures our skill at the very highest level and guarantees solutions that meet the needs of their industries down to the very last detail.

Our Lawyers and Tax Advisors have been active as loyal consultants of numerous M&A transactions as well as in structural consulting.

Transactions are a core element of all successful corporate strategies. Thanks to our experience, we in transaction consulting know all challenges and risks that those involved are confronted with. A transparent transaction processes is therefore particularly important to us.

By focusing on the individual perspectives of our clients, we support buyers as well as sellers in business acquisitions as well as in the case of new and reorientation measures. This includes consulting for restructuring measures prior to the transaction as well as the settlement and performance of due diligence and the associated contractual negotiations.  In addition, we examine and develop an optimum financing and acquisition structure and accompany the integration phase of a transaction perfectly tailored to your specific business objectives.

Companies and company groups also benefit from eureos expertise when it comes to issues pertaining to the reorganization of your structure, such as fusions, split-ups and demergers of shareholdings, changes in legal forms and other restructuring measures.

Our fiscal consulting services encompass in particular:

  • Structuring of business acquisitions and sales and the associated reorganization and development including due-diligence audits (fiscal, legal and financial)
  • Business assessments and budgeting
  • Contract design and assistance in contract negotiations
  • Consulting during the integration phase following a transaction
  • Legal and fiscal consulting for business transformations
  • Optimization of group financing structures
  • Expert opinions and binding information

We are also specialized in providing  legal and fiscal advice to individual companies, family businesses as well as high net-worth individuals.

The structuring, maintenance and the transfer of personal assets involves complex fiscal and legal issues. The individual circumstances related to each specific owner calls for a careful analysis to develop optimum solutions pertaining to corporate, tax and inheritance law.

The ultimate consequence is to securely structure assets, to transfer them within the family and to maintain them under optimum fiscal and legal conditions

In this respect, our services encompass in particular:

  • Comprehensive income tax consulting services
  • Fiscal and legal consulting in the structuring and administration of your assets
  • Consulting services pertaining to inheritance and gift tax as well as the design and negotiation of corresponding agreements
  • Legally secure clarification of fiscal issues by means of legally binding information
  • Company audits, legal remedies and legal actions
  • Legal and fiscal consulting for family offices
  • Legal and fiscal asset structure planning

eureos also provides international consulting services. Our experts have the necessary knowledge and experience in international projects.

International business relations and cross-border labor issues not only affect globally active conglomerates, but also medium-sized businesses with international activities, companies with foreign shareholdings or foreign shareholders.

eureos supports you in all issues pertaining to international business activities. We coordinate international consulting orders in collaboration with experts from our international networks, for example IR Global.

Our consulting services cover the following key aspects:

  • Expert opinions and structural consulting
  • Support and structuring of inbound/outbound investments
  • Design of international contracts
  • Consulting in connection with transfer pricing and the application and interpretation of double taxation agreements
  • Posting of employees, labor and social security issues, expatriate taxation

Public companies are often subjected to the pressures of economic performance. In the face of constantly changing legal framework conditions and backed by our multidisciplinary expertise, we ensure the smooth adjustment and optimization of fiscal processes.

Are you contemplating a structural adjustment? Or do you have questions involving privatization in the public sector? Questions, such as expanding financial leeway in the core administration or in companies or how activities and businesses can be financially and fiscally optimized? We would be pleased to offer you competent support in terms of the fiscal risks and opportunities of intercommunal collaboration and solutions in terms of converting public accounting from cameralistics to double-entry accounting.

With our multidisciplinary holistic approach, we provide advice and develop answers and customized solutions in close collaboration with you.  We help you solve your structural and economic tasks as well as complicated, regional economic, labor and tax-related legal issues.

Based on your specific needs, we will build a team of dedicated experts from our pool of specialists in the fields of legal consulting, auditing and fiscal consulting. Our well-established network also enables us to involve industry-specific experts in individual cases so that you receive the advice that you expect from eureos.

Our consulting services:

  • Complex restructuring and optimization in city administration under consideration of the consolidated tax filing status
  • Transferal of tasks and intercommunal collaboration, particularly from a contracting, aid and sales-tax-related perspective
  • Negotiation of concession contracts
  • Mergers & acquisitions as well as due-diligence assessments
  • Management of legal remedies and actions (also before the highest federal courts, such as the German Federal Fiscal Court (BFH) or the Federal Labor Court (BAG) as well as proceedings before appeals and complaint committees
  • Representation toward supervisory and planning authorities as well as health insurances
  • Assistance during audits by fiscal authorities, the German Pension Insurance Union and the Medical Review Board of the Statutory Health Insurance Funds (MDK)
  • Consulting services pertaining to non-profit law in the sense of risk avoidance and the optimum use of tax benefits
  • Conversion of the communal and university accounting to double-entry accounting as well as the creation and auditing of opening balances
  • Auditing of financial annual statements in accordance with HGB, DRS, IFRS and industry-specific guidelines (e.g. KHBV, PBV), special audits, certifications pursuant to § 53 HGrG [Budgeting Principles Act], Packaging Regulation, EEC/KWK
  • Verification of usage of funds
  • Ongoing tax consulting, including accounting, payroll accounting, determination of taxable earnings and creation of tax returns
  • Calculation of fees for municipalities and associations

Are you a managing director, HR manager, executive board member or in-house counsel and are looking for labor law solutions for your company? We analyze your processes and conflict situations with you, always focusing on your objectives and specifications.

Social change confronts a company’s management with extraordinary challenges. Longstanding experience and the profound knowledge of legal leeways enable us to provide you the very best possible support at all levels of personnel management, as well as during daily business and with transformational projects.

Our services encompass:

  • Design and negotiation of employment contracts
  • Development and assessment of compensation models
  • Industrial constitution law
  • Design of in-house wage scale agreements and support in negotiations with trade unions, labor disputes
  • Development of flexible worktime models, worktime consulting
  • Operative restructuring, support during negotiations toward the reconciliation of interest and social benefit plans
  • Data protection laws affecting employment relationships
  • Process representation in dismissal protection proceedings and decision-making processes, as well as in terms of social security status proceedings
  • Public service and higher education law, incl. civil service la

Our instruments for you:

Our team provides quick support to you, via hotline and e-mail, compressed or profound guidelines, action plans and discussions –  however you need it. Always practical. Always present.

Our experience in employment services:

We have been providing successful consulting services for businesses and entities for several years from the following industries in particular: