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Our clients – an overview

Wirtschaftsunternehmen/Business Clients
Our core business includes providing comprehensive consultation on legal and tax matters and also auditing services for corporations and partnerships as well as conglomerates within the sectors of manufacturing, service provision and technology. In addition to the consultancy services in all basic questions related to entrepreneurial activities, eureos focuses on the areas of mergers & acquisitions, advice on various structural issues, international business advisory services and subsidy/funding advice.

Öffentliche Hand/Public Services
Another area our activities traditionally focus on is the consultation of the public sector in all matters related to taxation and legislation as well as the provision of auditing services. It is basically a question of the efficient structuring of tasks and processes to sustain and improve financial strength. In addition to local/regional administrative authorities and municipal enterprises, our clients include in particular institutions in the health care sector, educational and research institutions as well as public utility companies and waste management enterprises of all legal forms.

Unternehmer/Private Clients
The scope of our personal counselling includes the individual legal and tax advice of family businesses, entrepreneurs and wealthy clients. We give special attention to setting up reliable assets and liabilities structures and to providing follow-up advice and succession planning, to lending our support with investments and other transactions as well as to tax planning and the provision of comprehensive litigation-proof organisational advice.


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